Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Music Video Countdown!

Alright, Alright! 

After a long absence I am back from Outer Space! 

Coming to you live from Kuiper Belt is this list of Holiday videos! 

First up, we have...

Hall and Oates, Jingle Bell Rock! 

This was a seasonal favorite on MTV back in the 80's. The granny playing guitar is none other than G.E. Smith, of the SNL band fame. He also played guitar on several Hall and Oates albums. In recent years Mr. Smith has toured with Roger Waters. All in all, you're just jingle bells on my wall! 

Next up...

It isn't Christmas without DMC in the house! Santa was Straight Outta the North Pole, homes. 

We also take a Step Into Christmas with Sir Elton John! 

Why Sir Elton hasn't released an entire Christmas album is beyond me. He is Christmas! 

What Christmas would be complete without The Ramones? 

You know, last Christmas I gave you my heart. You threw it away? I needed that thing! The robotic one from the hospital is low on batteries. Never mind. I'll just kickstart my heart! 

George Micheal, and the other guy from Wham! Uh, Andrew Ridgley? Wow, I didn't have to Google that! 

I hope none see this as being in poor taste. Though Scott Weiland has passed, his music will live on. As part of Stone Temple Pilots, he helped to forge the sound of the 90's. But there's a side of Mr. Weiland that few may have seen. This next video comes from his 2011 Christmas album, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Here he is channeling Bing Crosby with Winter Wonderland

While technically not a music video, Monty Python's Christmas in Heaven is the climax of their classic The Meaning of Life. Here it is in all it's glory! One of the dancers in this sequence is Jane Leeves (of Frasier and Hot in Cleveland fame) She was also one of Benny Hill's Hill's Angels backup dancers at the time. Oh, and as a side note, no real nudity was present in this scene. Sorry to disappoint you all. 

My maternal grandmother's favorite Christmas song was Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. No, she was never run over by a reindeer, but was beset by badgers once. We still don't talk of this incident, even around the holidays. Over the years I've owned various copies of this song. One of my favorites is the reindeer behind the wheel ornament that plays this tune. If memory serves Elmo went on to become a dentist. He still hasn't lived down the legacy of this song, but why would he? It's not a bad legacy to have. 

If there's anyone that should make a Christmas album, it's Lindsey Stirling. My adoration of her is well-known, and knows no bounds. Here she is performing O' Come Emmanuel with piano prodigy Kuha'o Case.

This next video is a rarity. A co-worker had this tune playing in his head for ages, but couldn't figure out what it was. Thanks to modern tech (Shazam!) he was able to find out what it is.
Captain Sensible of legendary Brit punk band The Damned brings us One Christmas Catalog

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Yak Shaving Day as well! 

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